1) With immediate effect on 10 April 2019

The charges will be applied on the COO and COC.  Please see the detail as below:-

(a) COO – Certificate of Origin (Chamber of Commerce) - $300.00 per country of origin.
(b) COC – Certificate of Conformance (i.e., replacement of original document that requires official signature or insignia ) - $150.00

2) With immediate effect on 24 November 2021

The fee will be applied on Controllers (If programming is needed).  Please see the details as below:-

(a) Woodward 2301’s Series / Proact Controller Programming Fee : U$200.00
(b) Woodward 505’s Series / 723+ Controller Programming Fee : U$280.00
(c) Woodward DSS-2 Speed Switch (Part Number: 8800-1001) Programming Fee : U$100.00
(d) Woodward DPG’s Series Programming Fee : U$100.00


No more worry of losing plant revenue when a need arises to make software changes on Woodward Micronet Plus Digital Control System for an online turbine. On-line Changes (OLC) is now available on Woodward latest GAP.  For more information please email us at singapore@pmcontrol.com

   Products Notes

PM announces the launch of the Flex500-HF. Specially designed for Francis Hydro Turbines it utilises hardware from Woodward and application software from PM. Perfect for managing product obsolescence, new OEM applications or up-grades of existing systems the Flex500-HF is a fully configurable standard product offering. The PM team have worked hard on this product, just the first of several exciting new offerings to be expected in the coming months.
For more information, please visit our website https://lnkd.in/e4pV3ZN Please call us @+65 6779 2822 Email: singapore@pmcontrol.com