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Most of you will be familiar with the first generation Woodward DSLC and MSLC controllers and also with the DSLC/MSLC generation II. If so you might also know that generation-I and II are not compatible in terms of communications.

Where the first generation uses LONworks the current model uses Ethernet for inter-control communications. To date Woodward does not have a data gateway available.

For more information. Please visit http://www.pmcontrol.com/pm-control-dslc-i-to-dslc-ii-retrofit-opportunity/

   Products Notes

The UG-25+ Governor

The current support of this product is of this manner:

For the P0 and P1 versions of its type:
Overhaul can only be done in Woodward Tianjin
When comes to a time where they are to be overhauled, it is better to recommend them to upgrade to P3 version
The P3 version had much more features, benefits and advantages (refer to Product Specs in Woodward website)
Currently the upgrading can only be done through a C.O.P. (Certified Overhaul Partner) of which in this region, PM Control Singapore is the one.
It is important to note that with the upgrade option, it did not meant that the P0 and P1 is not good. There had been many problems experienced during the testing of this product and most of them were not due to the functions of the governor.  It is just that the P3 had more features, last longer between overhauls (longer recommended overhaul period) and better supports for it in the longer terms.
Repairs on UG-25+ is yet to be given authorisations via all AISFs at this point of time.
When it is ready, it will be announced. Training will be needed.